Artist of the Grand Canyon & Colorado Plateau

Serena Supplee

Take a look at the beautiful examples shown on these pages. To purchase Serena's art, please print out an order form and mail it to Serena, or scan the order form and email to [email protected] There is an order form for cards/calandar/books and a separate order form for prints. Please call or email about originals. 

To watch Serena draw and paint, click here. (1-minute video)

Colour in Your Life

Graeme Stevenson, host of the Australian television series “Colourin Your Life” came through Moab this summer and featured Serena inher own 24-minute episode. The series is working to build a libraryof the minds of artists, preserving a digital record of creativespirit, culture and techniques for future generations. Shot inSerena’s oil painting studio and yard, we think you’ll enjoy thisrelaxed, engaging conversation between Serena and Graeme – a uniqueopportunity to experience Serena’s energy and humor, and learnabout the inspirations and insights that make her work sing. Thevideo also follows Serena’s progress, from beginning to nearcompletion, on her newest oil painting, “Canyon Allure.”

 Click here to to watch Serena’s Colour in Your Life episode (24minutes)

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