Bob the Bighorn

217 East Center Street, East side of City Hall

The drawing.

Special thanks to Jim Yeager in Spanish Valley who built the steel base and welded the bighorn head with sturdy horns. Eight feet tall.

Serena's long-time friend Marcus shows up to get started, away we go!

 Bench foundation is built.

Starting with circles.

Marcus did a great job!

Benches trimmed to fit on a 4 x 8 sheet.

Little Bob shows Big Bob the way.

Serena builds a spine on top of the circles.

Tom grinds the foam to fit Serena's vision.

Good job Tom!

Parts are coming together.

Forming the jaw.

Adding the eyes.

Bob's backbone.

Mixing it up.

Strong expanded metal lath on all the pieces.

First coat of stucco on.

Double trouble.

Getting ready to stucco the head.

Rope ridges on the horns.

Plaster-coated gauze covering the rope

Lara helping Serena stucco the horns.

Tom putting a color coat on.

Outside looking in.

Tom keeps his humor.

Following the template for the bench tops, one shape mirrored.

Pouring casting plaster.

Casting is messy.

Experimenting filling the air bubbles.

Many bags to go!

Mirrored casting.

Moulding screwed into place.

Foam inserts to make the next casting lighter.

2 x 4's for clamping the foam inserts down.

Mixing in buckets.

Tom vibrates underneath with a sawzall without a blade to bring air bubbles to the surface.

It's working!

Troweling smooth.

Serena cleaning the edges.

Clamps in place.

Saran wrap overnight to cure slowly.

Moulding off. Flipped the 250-pound piece two days later.

Drilling holes for aluminum supporting pipe.

Carla carving pipe supports to keep the bottom of the bench flat.

Gluing aluminum stanchions.

Aluminum stanchions installed for the bench tops.

Epoxy coating for the bench bottoms.

Carla rubbing the sides of the bench.

Beautiful patina.

Color drawing.

First time together.

Measuring for symmetry.

The neck is next.

Installed wedge for more kink in the neck.

This is going to take lots of layers.

Tom started the grinding process.

The grinding tools.

Grinding attire.

Experiment filling air bubbles.

Persistence and patience.

Seeing it.

Bob and Tom.

After plaster Serena added gesso to smooth the surface before paint.

Getting sparkly golden horns at the autobody shop.

Bob comes home from the autobody shop in the back of Tom's truck.

Risers the height of Bob's dolly to double check the fit.

Bob's benches on the new risers.

Polishing the bench lids.

Grinding bench lid to fit Bob's body.


Praying everything works.

The signature.

First casting out the door on the dingo.

Bench lids on the trailer.

Bench bodies on the trailer.

Making a ramp for Bob.

Bob leaves the womb.

Bob on the trailer.

Bob with his blankie.

Outlining the spot.

Bob on the street.

Five easy pieces.

Loving Bob.

Bob's reception.

Bob's first guests.

Party tie.

Best backside.

Bye for now!

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