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Painting Exchange at Phantom Ranch
Dec 5-6, 2021

Serena has had a major painting at Phantom Ranch for a decade.
Currently hanging in the dining room for guests to enjoy is “Holy Schist, It’s Granite!”
On December 5, 2021 a new painting will be hiked in, so that on December 6 “Holy Schist, It’s Granite!” can be carried out, to its new home.
Check back here after December 6 for pictures of the transition!

Painting Exchange at Phantom Ranch
Feb 15-17, 2020

 In winter 2020, “Holy Schist, It’s Granite!” (22 inches tall and 108 inches wide) got carried in
to the Canyon to Phantom Ranch to replace “Crystal Persuasion.” Check it out!

 gearing up in the parking lot

 on the trail going down

 stepping down

 ah, the river 

see the foam crate?

 almost there

 unpacking “Holy Schist, It’s Granite!”

 freshly hung

 a breath before heading up with “Crystal Persuasion”

 bye-bye Phantom

 going up

Painting Exchange at Phantom Ranch
Feb 8, 2019 

 The journey of “Crystal Persuasion” to hang at Phantom Ranch and “the Mighty Colorado” going up.

The following photos shows the journey .  

there is it

Starting off at first light with "Crystal Persuasion".

Going down South Kaibab

and down more

Helen Ranney fetching her painting at the Phantom cantina

around another corner in sight of the Colorado River

across the black bridge

taking down Helen's "Mighty Colorado" which has been at Phantom since 2014

"Crystal Persuasion" arrived

fast turnaround carrying "The Mighty Colorado" up

 and up more

almost to the top; 15 miles, 5,000 vertical feet down, 5,000' back up, one day

on top

Phantom Ranch T-Shirt

One of the most enjoyable jobs of Serena’s life has been creating t-shirt designs for Phantom Ranch. Since 1995, she has hiked to Phantom Ranch each winter to come up with a new design. These t-shirts are only available at Phantom Ranch so hike down on in to get one!

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