Upcoming Exhibits:

Eclectic Gallery

226 Elk Avenue, downtown Crested Butte, CO
Reception July 7, 2018
Paintings will be exhibited in Crested Butte through September 30, 2018.

 ArtWalk in Moab 

Month of October, 2018
Serena's art will be gracing the walls of the Moonflower Co-op and Gallery Moab. They are located nearly catty corner from each other on the corner of 100 North and Main in downtown Moab. There will be an artist reception for Serena at both locations on October 13..

Art at the Bottom of Grand Canyon
Phantom Ranch

Serena has had a major painting at Phantom Ranch for several years.
Currently, hanging in the dining room for guests to enjoy is 
"The Mighty Colorado"
(22 inches tall and 10 feet wide)

and what goes down, must come up.  The following photos are Serena's friends providing transport to the first painting (also 10 feet long) that was at Phantom Ranch.

Phantom Ranch T-Shirt

One of the most enjoyable jobs of Serena’s life has been creating t-shirt designs for Phantom Ranch. Since 1995, she has hiked to Phantom Ranch each winter to come up with a new design. These t-shirts are only available at Phantom Ranch so hike down on in to get one!

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