Information about Serena's Prints

Giclée Prints

Giclée (zhee-clay), derived from the French word for “spray,” is a fine art technique that maintains color accuracy. Calibrated workflow using archival quality inks for color accuracy and laid onto acid-free, 100% cotton museum quality 310 gsm paper. Every print is hand-signed by the artist.
The Giclée prints range in price from $325-$600. 

Woodcut Blockprints

Serena studied under a Japanese woodcut blockprint master where she learned to transfer the elements of her images onto wood. She carves the wood, and prints from that carving, creating a woodcut blockprint. The number of woodblocks carved equals the number of colors in the print.
The woodcut blockprints range in price from $75-$100.  

As with all fine art, avoid exposing your print to excessive sunlight, heat or moisture, which may cause fading. The artist retains all copyrights and this work may not be duplicated in any form without written permission by the artist.

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